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You will find other information on my site other than just about my Artwork & Photo Restoration, such as info about my resin castings for Pontiac hood ornaments!

If you have any questions at all, contact me at my e-mail address, or by phone...Thanks...Joe G

Last Update to site...1-31-2024

New American Eagle!

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American Yacht Club 2023

Federal Reserve Bank
Saint Louis, MO

Federal Reserve in Color!

Perfect World c 1992

Green Acres Country Club

Joe Gutknecht..8803 Lake Dr..St Louis, MO 63121..314.427.7765 or

1949 Amber insert for Pontiac

1951 Amber/Pearl insert for Pontiac

1952 Amber/Pearl insert for the photo for a video!

1952 Amber insert for Pontiac

1953 Amber insert for photo for video!

1954 Amber insert for photo for video of an Amber/Pearl insert that is similar!

1951 inserts in Clear, and Clear/Pearl

1951 Pontiac insert in Red

Patriotic 52's in Red White and Blue!

Patriotic 1953 Pontiac inserts!!

1953 Pontiac insert in multi-color!

1952 Clear/Pearl Pontiac on photo for a video!

I also can cast NEW front parking light lenses for the 1953 Pontiac...they can be cast in the clear, or any other color one might want within reason!

1954 Pontiac insert in Clear/Pearl

1953 Pontiac insert in Amber multi-color!

This is my newest addition to the 1953 insert series, Clear with colored glitter and pearl embedded in the resin!

Opposite view of the 1953 Clear/glitter/pearl insert.

53 Pontiac with Amber Hood Ornament insert and Amber Parking Light lenses.