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This is a restoration project an older fellow brought me a few years ago. As you can see, the top image had quite an extensive amount of damage from both water, and some silverfish having a few good meals.

It took about seven hours total to restore this  image after I initially scanned it into my computer, and began the process. As you can see from the second image, the African Queen was restored to her original beauty and grace!

A restoration such as this would cost in the range of $350.00 because of the extensiveness of the damage.

Contact me at, or call 314.427.7765

Thanks...Joe Gutknecht

Below is a recent photo retouch that I did for a client. It was a photo taken around 30 years ago, and seemingly the only one the client had of herself then.

As you can see, the damage was fairly extensive, and took quite a while to get it to an acceptable point where the client was happy...AND she was!

This retouch project took about 2 hours to complete at a cost of $120.00 + any new prints for the client.

Horrid Damage!

The After Result!