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Here is a series of designs for Green Acres Country Club

The media is pencil printed on parchment paper, and then colored in pastel and Prisma Color pencil.

Entry View of Club

Initial pencil drawing

The next several illustrations are few many years ago when full color illustrations by hand were more in demand. All of them were done mostly in designer color, airbrush, and acrylic combination's.

I can still accommodate a client in those respects, as well as computer generated pieces!

The popular media seemingly for my clients is the Pen & Ink...then printed and color applied by Marker, Prisma Color Pencil, &/or Pastel.

Night scene of Eads Square Apartments

Apartments in acrylic and gouache

Hotel Concept...Airbrush

Condominium Project

Pool view of Apartments

IBM Building...Airbrush

Manhattan Townhouses...Airbrush

Hospital in Florida...Gouache and acrylic

The next several pieces are current works!

Bellerive Country Club for McMahon Group
Computer Imaging

Bellerive Country Club for McMahon Group...
Computer Imaging

Bellerive Country Club..
Computer imaging

Horn Architects...Pastel, Prisma Color, and Ink

Wine Room Concept...
Ink with Prisma Color Pencil